Car Buying Tips

1. Shop around. Compare prices and financing options as well as the features of the vehicle.
2. Take your time. Don’t be pressured into buying a vehicle quickly.
3. Do your homework. Find out as much as you can about the vehicles you are considering. You can even find out wholesale costs online.
4. Arrange financing before you start shopping.
5. Be ready to negotiate. Insist on negotiating the price of the car, not the monthly payment.
6. Handle the trade-in separately. Don’t let the dealership tie the two deals together.
7. Don’t sign anything until you are certain that you understand it. Insist on taking copies of all paperwork home with you to read thoroughly before signing. If you do not understand terms in the paperwork, talk to someone who can help you.
8. Watch out for leases. They are complicated and stacked against the consumer.
9. Make sure you get the title or the “official titling papers” at the time of purchase. It’s the law.
10. Never hesitate to walk. Your feet are your most powerful negotiating tools and just may save you from becoming a victim of deceptive trade practices.